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Part No. 8000.2425

Face Shields provide lightweight, comfortable protection to the eyes, nose and mouth from splashes and projected liquid droplets when used in conjunction with other task specific personal protective equipment. The headband is produced from a soft, elastic polyurethane foam that is self-adjusting and ensures comfort to the wearer allowing for longer use without discomfort. The visor has anti-fog technology and can be worn with or without glasses.

Whether you require a small number for personal use as a key worker, a larger quantity in an independent care home, or bulk supply, individuals and organisations can purchase JTAPE Face Shields in the quantity needed at an affordable price.

Volume discount available for bulk orders.

Features and benefits:

  • Protects the eyes, nose and mouth from splashes and projected liquid droplets
  • Soft, elastic polyurethane foam headband
  • Lightweight, self-adjusting fit to ensure comfort for longer use
  • Optically clear visor for full peripheral vision
  • Fits over glasses
  • Name space for the wearer to share their identity with colleagues and patients
  • Anti-fog technology, film remains clear in use
  • Designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with our ISO 9001 Quality Management System

DUO Masking Tape

Part No. 1150.7520

DUO Masking Tape is highly versatile and can be used to mask a wide variety of applications around the vehicle. Its primary application is to mask rubber seals along the top of the doors, creating a void when spraying cant rails and roof pillars with no adhesive exposure. It can also be used when spraying individual panels such as: doors, bonnet/hood, boot/trunk and wing/fender. It’s the perfect product and smart solution for protecting the inside of the vehicle from overspray.

Cleverly the adhesive on both sides vastly improves the efficiency of the process and makes masking cant rails, in preparation for painting simple – without leaving any hard edges! Made from high quality materials, the rigid edge allows the masking of individual panels, with perforated sections for easy-tear and a lifting tab enables easy removal.

DUO Masking Tape: an efficient, innovative solution to protect the inside of the vehicle from overspray.

Flexi No Edge Blending Tape

Part No. 1018.1525

Flexi No Edge Blending Tape, like its sister product for straight edges, has no competition; it’s the innovative and unique solution for masking curved swage lines and curved panel edges. The flexible foam makes the impossible possible; masking around corners is now a speedy process, even on the tightest of turns. The most effective solution for masking filler cap inserts, this unique foam masking tape always gives a feathered paint edge, eliminating rework. Removing the foam tape while the clear coat is still wet gives a perfect finish. Temperature resistant to 90C/194F makes it the ideal product for any body repair scenario, and in particular SMART repairs. 

Unique Flexi No Edge Blending Tape masks around any curve, saving considerable time and materials to give a perfect finish when blending clear coat to curved swage lines and panel edges.

Advanced Foam Masking Tape

Part No. 1011.2050

Advanced Foam Masking Tape is one of JTAPE’s ‘hero’ products, the innovative solution to standard, round, smooth-edge foam masking tapes. Advanced Foam Masking Tape is designed to mask all apertures to prevent overspray, providing a high quality finish while saving time and money.

Unlike standard foam tapes, it is applied to the inner side of the door (the moving part on a vehicle), rather than the body; once closed the product can be adjusted into position. Unlike standard tape, the adhesive is offset on the foam; this avoids paint and clear coat coming into contact with the adhesive, allowing a feathered finish, and to prevent the build-up of hard edges.

No Edge Blending Tape Plus

Part No. 1012.2025

No Edge Blending Tape is the smart solution for masking swage lines and panel edges to create a seamless finish from new paintwork to old. Non-stretch, No Edge Blending Tape can be applied quickly and accurately for straight edges, giving a feathered finish and eliminating reworking; removing the foam tape while the clear coat is still wet gives the perfect finish. Temperature resistant to 160C/320F makes it the ideal solution for high temperature bake cycles and SMART repairs with infrared lamps.

Unique No Edge Blending Tape saves considerable time and materials to give a perfect finish when blending clearcoat to swage lines and panel edges.

Prime & paint Foam Masking Tape

Part No. 1016.3530

Prime & Paint Foam Masking Tape is the perfect solution for light priming (wet-on-wet/groundcoating) colour application and clear coat finish. There is no other product available that allows you to move from one operation to another, all three stages, without opening the car door! Prime & Paint Foam Masking Tape is the unique combination of two innovative products: Primeshield and Advanced Foam Masking Tape, giving the body-shop considerable time and material savings.

Stage one, fix foam tape to the inside of the door edge (moving part), the adhesive is hidden, close door, press into place using the crease on the foam and apply primer, feathering the edge. Stage two, tear-off the top section leaving behind the Advanced Foam Masking Tape section and spray colour.

Stage three, easily adjust back the foam tape and apply clear coat. Stretch tape to remove, no adhesive left behind, no hard edges – the perfect finish!

Prime & Paint Foam Masking Tape: the innovative and unique solution for a three stage spraying processes with only one masking application; no hard edges; no wastage; clean removal; time and cost saving.

Perforated Trim Masking Tape

Part No. 1055.5010

Perforated Trim Masking Tape is an innovative concept, devised by JTAPE to mask rubber trims and mouldings during spraying. The tape’s plastic edge slides behind the rubber trim with the perforations allowing the tape to be torn and easily fixed around curves. Pulling the trim away from the body work creates a gap to allow the ingress of paint.

Heat resistant to 160C/320F, Perforated Trim Masking Tape has an easy-lift tab that allows the tape to be removed from the window glass after spraying, simply in one piece – a feature that is not on all trim tapes.

Perforated Trim Masking Tape is the quick and clean way to mask rubber trims to create the perfect, invisible finish every time.

Smooth Edge Foam Masking Tape

Part No. 1013

The forerunner to Advanced Foam Masking Tape, Smooth Edge Foam Masking Tape is in comparison, a basic, budget foam tape. Fixed to the opening edge of the door the exposed glue edge can present quality issues with a build-up of paint. The product is supplied in 10 sections of 5 metre lengths, rather than on a continuous role.

Smooth Edge Foam Masking Tape: a budget foam tape where a quality finish is not a prerequisite.


Part No. 1111.XXXX

JTAPE Orange Fine Line Tape is thinner and more translucent than other Fine Line Tapes making it ideal for seeing through to the painted surface. It is ideal for straight lines whilst also being highly flexible. Orange Fine Line Tape uses thermally stabilized PVC backing with a rubber based pressure sensitive adhesive. Orange Fine Line Tape is heat-resistant to temperatures up to 150°C/303°F for at least 45 minutes; after painting, it can be cleanly removed leaving a defined line with no adhesive residue. Orange Fine Line Tape is available in widths from 1mm upwards.

Orange Fine Line Tape is the ideal tape for straights and curves.


Part No. 5100.00XX.CUSTOM

JTAPE’s Customizing Starter Kit is a collection of our best striping tapes, selected to help you on the road to becoming a creative customizer. The kit is the perfect mix of striping tapes to help you get around curves and keep dead-straight on the longest of lines

Customizing Starter Kit, the perfect mix for precision and creativity.


Part No. 4002.6017

Parking Sensor Masking Discs are the ideal solution for the protection of parking sensors and rubber seals during the painting process. They alleviate the need to remove the bumper/fender, by protecting the sensor during sanding, painting and polishing.

No more tricky masking; Parking Sensor Masking Discs are applied instantly and are removed simply with an easy lifting tab. Removed when the clearcoat is wet avoids bridging and rough edges.

Parking Sensor Masking Discs are a must for all body-shops, saving time and giving a perfect finish.


Part No. 1095.1417

JTAPE’s award winning Wheel Repair Mask is the most effective way to mask a tyre when spraying an alloy wheel. After deflating the tyre and breaking the wheel off the bead, the elasticated centre is quickly applied around the back of the rim covering the whole tyre. Fitting wheels up to 26”, the ‘Corona’ treated film ensures that the paint is absorbed into the repair mask to give a perfect finish. Wheel Repair Mask saves considerable time and materials over traditional masking methods and is a SEMA Global Award winner for International Consumer Appeal.

Wheel Repair Mask is the simplest and most efficient solution for masking tyres when spraying alloy wheels.