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#28187112 - Cupran Special 250ml Tube Specialty Cleanser


  • Simply the best paint remover for your hands.
  • Designed to effectively remove oil-based paints, lacquers, stains, adhesives, tar and asphalt.
  • Contains biodegradable walnut shell scrubbers and powerful cleaners
  • A water-soluble cleaner that is the ideal replacement for the use of thinners and other technical solvents.
  • Model: SH-81871.
  • 250 ml Tube.

# 33884 - Travabon 1000mL Softbottle Classic Skin Defense Cream

Help to protect your skin against oily and water-insoluble workplace substances. Make it easier to clean your skin after contact with heavy-duty contamination.


  • Specialist pre-work cream to protect against heavy oil based and mechanical irritants
  • Contains unique oil suspending emulsifiers to make skin easier to clean
  • Contains high pigment content for added protection against heavy contamination
  • Enhanced protective action through skin protection pigments
  • Facilitates cleansing of the skin thanks to soil suspending emulsifiers
  • With glycerine and emollients
  • Dispenser needed for this product (sold Separately)

# 33886 - Stokolan Classic 1000mL Softbottle Cream

  • Dispenser: SAP550, SAP551
  • 1000 ml Softbottle ®
  • Concentrated conditioning cream for replacing lost moisture and oils
  • Ideal for chapping, chafing and eczema
  • Silicone-free

# 98187406 - Kresto ATP Cupran Special 2000mL Softbottle Hand Cleanser

Features:Specialist hand cleanser with mild based solvent formulation to remove difficult adherent contaminants

  • - As the formulation is concentrated, only a small amount is required to remove contaminants
  • - Kresto ATP® with Astopon® natural scrubbing agent gently removes contaminants without damaging the skin
  • - Water-soluble cleanser for removing oilbased paints, lacquers, stains, adhesives, tar and asphalt
  • - Kresto® ATP contains all natural walnut shell scrubbers
  • - Dispenser needed for this product (sold Separately)

# 98318706 - Solopol Classic 2000mL Softbottle

Traditional hand cleanser with time-proven cleaning system for heavy-duty skin cleansing.


  • Strong cleansing action
  • Traditional product with proven cleansing system contains scrubbing-agent Astopon® (refined walnut shell powder)
  • Contains skin protectant Eucornol®, aloe vera and refatting agent
  • Leaves a pleasant skin sensation
  • USDA BioPreferred
  • For medium to heavy-duty cleaning of common industrial dirt
  • 100% Solvent-free
  • Excellent skin compatibility